The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association Announces A Strategic Partnership With



Palm Beach, FL, August 18, 2020 — 


The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with is an exclusive community of fine art investors, opening up a new asset class that makes it possible to invest in blue-chip art for a fraction of the normal price.  

Blue-chip art has outperformed public equities for the last 20 years, but there has been no way to invest unless you have millions to buy a painting.  


Since launching in 2017, Masterworks has launched dozens of investment opportunities for their community from artists like Monet, to Jean-Michele Basquiat, Andy Warhol and Banksy (who have generated historical annual returns of 10-25%).


Some of the benefits of the asset class:


  • Opportunity: Art is one of the oldest (Sotheby’s was the oldest company on the NYSE until recently) and largest asset classes in the world. Deloitte estimates that there is $1.7T in total wealth held in art, growing to $2.6T by 2026.  
  • Diversification: Investing in art provides diversification into an uncorrelated asset. Citibank published a major study in December 2019 and concluded that art has the lowest correlation to public equities (a correlation factor of just 0.13) of any of the ten major asset classes. 
  • Performance: Blue-chip art has outperformed the S&P by 180% between 2000 and 2019 according to industry benchmark Artprice.


PBHFA Founder David Goodboy commented,

“The PBHFA is always on the lookout for unique investment opportunities for our membership of ultra-high net worth investors, family offices, endowments and institutions. We are thrilled to partner with offers an incredibly niche opportunity for investors to own shares of the world’s finest artwork.  As you probably know, fine art has been a robust source of alpha over the last decade. empowers investors to capture profits from this burgeoning upward trend.”

How Works:


  • Masterworks has a database of auction sales prices dating back 50 years that its research and acquisitions team uses to identify top 100 artists that have accelerating market returns.


  • Once they have identified an artist and artwork, they aim to purchase that piece at auction or through a private sale.


  • The artwork is registered with the SEC through a Regulation A offering. The offering is then opened to investors on its platform, regardless of accreditation status. 


  • Masterworks can then sell the painting and each investor shares in their proportionate share of any profit or loss. 


  • Masterworks also developed a Secondary Market so investors can get liquidity for their investment before the painting is sold.


Masterworks makes investing in art easy. From start to finish, the Masterworks website and user experience is intuitive and simple. The company has taken an illiquid and antiquated asset class and have given it a much needed 21st century facelift. 

Attached are deal sheets with two of their live offerings: a $5M offering from Joan Mitchell and a $8.5M work from Claude Monet

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