Who Is Moving To Florida And Why?

From The Palm Beach Post


……Unquestionably the COVID impact was the trigger,” said Related Cos. President Ken Himmel about the influx of people and businesses to Florida and Palm Beach County specifically. “Unquestionably, COVID turned the switch on full blast.”

While the bullseye markets, such as Palm Beach County, may experience the ache of rising rents and home prices until inventory increases, growth experts were reluctant to say the COVID migration on a nationwide scale will make history.

Some move to the suburbs was already happening as millennials age. A bump in retirees was also expected, although it was likely expedited by the Great Resignation/Retirementthe euphemism signaling massive waves of frustrated workers and Baby Boomers exiting the job market. Vanderbilt University Assistant Finance Professor Peter Haslag said COVID-related dispersions are more geographically diverse than past migrations, diluting long-term impacts.

For Florida, migration is tradition.

“Migration to Florida is an old story,” said University of Washington professor and historian James Gregory in an article for America’s Great Migrations Project that noted the early 1900s citrus and land boom in the state. “More than any other state, Florida has consistently attracted newcomers.”


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