The PBHFA Partners With The Managed Funds Association !!

MFA Announces Partnership Program with Regional Alternative Investment Groups in the United States


We are pleased to announce a collaboration with the Managed Funds Association!  In our never-ending quest to bring value to our membership, we firmly believe that this collaboration will assist our members in building key allocator relationships, accessing more efficient information flows, and simply network on a global scale with their peers & associates.

We will be celebrating the collaboration with the MFA at LOLA 41 on October 27th. You can expect high-level panel discussions, deal-making, and networking with members of the PBHFA & MFA!!  Click here for more information.   Members stay tuned for your invite!!


WASHINGTON, D.C.– Managed Funds Association (MFA), the leading organization representing the global alternative investment industry, today announced the launch of its partnership program to support regional and state association growth and further strengthen the voice of the alternative investment industry.


The MFA Partnership Program aims to enhance the collective power of regional and state networks from coast to coast by increasing collaboration, promoting information sharing, building key allocator relationships, and creating a more efficient and effective network to support, educate, and connect in markets across the U.S.


“MFA is committed to delivering value across the alternative investment industry and we’re continuing to do so by unlocking the collective capacity of our partner organizations,” said MFA President and CEO Bryan Corbett. “The launch of the MFA Partnership Program serves as a critical capstone moment for MFA and our regional partners as we work together to carry forward the important work of creating value for our member firms and the investors they serve—including pensions, foundations, and endowments.”

MFA Partnership Program members receive access to global regulatory and policy briefings; networking opportunities with industry leaders and peers; support for regional and state marketing, events, and strategic planning; a seat on the MFA Partnership Advisory Council to foster collaboration; and access to other select MFA member resources. Additionally, member firms of regional and state association groups receive access to an expanded community network, enhanced educational resources and event programming, as well as the ability to join combined advocacy efforts at the state and federal level.


“We want to support the continued success of our partners by enhancing the ability of regional and state alternative investment industry trade associations to contribute to the best practices in the operational, policy, and regulatory space,” said MFA Chief Commercial Officer Brooke Harlow.


In conjunction with the announcement of the program, MFA also announced today the hiring of Sarah Riley, Head of Association Partnerships, to oversee the MFA Partnership Program. Riley joins MFA after serving as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Texas Alternative Investments Association where she focused on fostering growth and advancing the development of Texas’ alternative investment industry through support, education, and networking.


“The regional and state alternative trade groups play an important and valuable role in the industry,” said Harlow. “Through this powerful collaboration with the MFA, these groups will have support from a national strategic partner, while still maintaining the identities and brands that make each of them unique.”


MFA Partnership Program members include:

Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association*

“We are excited for this strategic collaboration with the MFA. Our inaugural event this fall will feature leading institutional allocators, and we look forward to bringing together our networks in a unified group at this and additional co-events.”

 – Founder, Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association, David Goodboy


California Alternative Investments Association

“At CalALTs we are focused on helping our members foster connections, share ideas, and gain access to educational opportunities that benefit the California alternative investment industry. The MFA Partnership Program will be instrumental in supporting this effort.”

 – President, California Alternative Investments Association, Robin Fink


Connecticut Hedge Fund Association

“We’re excited to join the MFA Partnership Program and look forward to the great opportunities ahead to collaborate on events, networking forums, and regulatory and policy initiatives, creating even greater value for our Connecticut members.”

 – President, Connecticut Hedge Fund Association, Bruce McGuire


New York Alternative Investment Roundtable

“The Roundtable looks forward to partnering with MFA and other state partners to provide to our members the very best educational resources on investments, legal, operations, and policy.”

 – Chairman, New York Alternative Investment Roundtable, Tim Selby


Texas Alternative Investments Association

“Through the MFA Partnership Program, we are investing in the resources to unify the alternative investment industry in Texas, to continue our growth, and to provide our members access to an expanded offering of events, educational resources, and networking capabilities.”

 – Chairman, Texas Alternative Investments Association, Ryan Bailey



About the Global Alternative Investment Industry


The global alternative investment industry, including hedge funds, managed futures and private investment firms, has assets under management of $4.3 trillion (Q2 2021). The industry serves thousands of public and private pension funds, charitable endowments, foundations, sovereign governments, and other global institutional investors by providing portfolio diversification and risk-adjusted returns to help meet their funding obligations and return targets.


About the Managed Funds Association


Managed Funds Association (MFA) represents the global alternative investment industry and its investors by advocating for regulatory, tax, and other public policies that foster efficient, transparent, and fair capital markets. MFA’s more than 140 member firms collectively manage nearly $1.6 trillion across a diverse group of investment strategies. Member firms help pension plans, university endowments, charitable foundations, and other institutional investors to diversify their investments, manage risk, and generate attractive returns over time. MFA has a global presence and is active in Washington, London, Brussels, and Asia.