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In simpler times, Mar-a-Lago was a mere Palm Beach club, owned by a businessman who often feuded with the locals over things like the height of his flags and whether or not officials were routing air traffic overhead as a “deliberate and malicious act.” Now, it’s the new Camp David—the “Southern White House,” in the present vernacular—where the president of the United States entertains foreign leaders and paying guests alike, and where those who can afford the recently doubled $200,000 initiation fee can enjoy their wedge salads with a side of strategic talks about what to do with North Korea. So you’ll have to forgive Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association founder David S. Goodboy if, when selecting the venue for his group’s “meet and greet” next week, he thought the place where the president spends nearly a third of his time might be a good place. Per the New York Times:

The reason for the evening is to introduce the Canadian firm Castle Ridge Asset Management (not to be confused with a Greenwich, Conn., firm with a similar name) to the Palm Beach set.

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