The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association Closes Deal With Yrefy!

(Palm Beach, FL) –   The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association (PBHFA) is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with Yrefy.

Yrefy is the only Private Student Loan Refinance company in the nation that works with Private Student Loan borrowers to refinance their seriously delinquent or defaulted loans into a new Private Student Loan that meets the borrower’s current financial situation and gets them back on track to financial wellness.

David S. Goodboy, PBHFA Founder, commented “Our members are constantly searching for new and unique sources of alpha. Yrefy offers an extremely unique and much needed strategy that not only makes a compelling investment but helps the consumer by offering alternatives to the vexing issue of delinquent or defaulted student loans. I get excited whenever an investment is not only profitable but assists with a major societal problem; I am looking forward to sharing Yrefy with our members!”

Jack Wallace, Yrefy Director of Lender Relations and Public Affairs, added “Yrefy is honored to be affiliated with the Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association and its members. We look forward to working with Dave to bring Yrefy more capital to fund millions of Private Student Loan Borrowers experiencing affordability challenges repaying their Private Student Loan debt during this time of continued high interest rates and inflation.  Yrefy offers an innovative and beneficial solution for both investors and Private Student Loan borrowers!”

About Yrefy:

Yrefy, located in Phoenix, AZ, is the only company exclusively assisting Private Student Loan Borrowers and Co-Borrowers (usually parents, grandparents and spouses) in refinancing their seriously delinquent or defaulted loans. Our extensive network of relationships within the Private Student Loan marketplace enables Yrefy to offer impressive rates for our investors while providing affordable interest rates and terms for refinancings customized for our Private Student Loan Refinance borrowers. Yrefy provides a win-win for both the investor and the borrower.

Since we focus solely on distressed Private Student Loans and do not refinance Federal Student Loans, our loans are not subject to any Federal Student Loan forgiveness. Furthermore, our refinanced Private Student Loans retain the Bankruptcy protections provided to all Student Loans.

Accredited Investors with a minimum investment of $50,000 are invited to invest in Yrefy SLP4, LLC, our fourth portfolio, a secured and collateralized investment opportunity. Go to to learn more about this exciting prospect!


About The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association

The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association is the leading South Florida trade organization for investors and financial professionals. Its members consist of active hedge fund managers/professionals, ultra-high net worth investors, family offices, financial traders, investment bankers, academics, financial institutions, FOFs, foundations, allocators, as well as the world’s top service providers, including third-party marketers, data providers, prime brokers, administrators, auditors, lawyers, risk managers, and fintech firms. The PBHFA serves the community by providing deal making support, educational opportunities and connecting investors and capital allocators with opportunity.

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