From Palm Beach Daily News

By Shannon Donnelly

Daily News Society Editor

Yet one more indication that Palm Beach is the money center of the universe: In a new piece on the “20 Richest Families in America,” 11 – yes, 11 – of them have ties to Palm Beach.

The names include Koch (live here), Cox (live here), Hearst (used to live here), Fidelity’s Johnsons (Abigail owned a home on Root Trail), Newhouse (lived here), Lauder (live here), Ziff (still own property in Manalapan but are hoping to unload the cozy little beach shack for $175 mill), DuPont (live here), Dorrance (lived here), Busch (live here) and Franklin Templeton’s Charlie Johnson (lives here.)

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Come to think of it, our day is pretty much all about making these folks richer. By the time we scarf down a can of the Campbell’s soup warmed up in a Teflon pan, wipe down the counter with a paper towel from Georgia Pacific, relax with a Budweiser, slap on some of some Estée Lauder night cream, check our balance with Fidelity, nod off with Town & Country, then wake up seven hour later and head off to a job at Cox newspapers, we’re pretty much down to the Abrahams and the Georges rather than the Ulysses and the Benjamins.

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