The first annual Palm Beach Global Finance Forum was a huge success across the board!

As nearly 300 hedge fund, wealth, and alternative asset professionals gathered at the beautiful, oceanfront Four Seasons Resort on Palm Beach Island, we quickly learned that this would be no ordinary conference.

Rather than the same old, same old, guests were treated to a tour de force of billionaires, allocators, and cutting edge financial thinkers from the stage.

PBHFA Founder David S. Goodboy chatting with Jeff Greene


Names like real estate billionaire Jeff Greene, Terrapin Partner’s Nathan Leight, Marc Bell co-founder of the $9 billion REIT Armour Residential & Chairman of satellite company Terran Orbita, Bill Stone of SS&C Technologies, Garth Friesen CEO of multi-billion dollar, Boca Raton based fund III Capital,  leading hedge fund expert Charles Gradante  and Bitcoin pioneer & technology venture capitalist Gunther Sonnenfeld among others, shared their knowledge and views on the future of finance.

Active allocators ranging from ultra-high-net-worth individuals and family offices to institutional & I bank sources participated on panel presentations as multiple roundtable discussions took place with leading experts in each topic.

Nathan Leight & Dr. Anna Pomeranets discussing the 100-year bond

Perhaps most interesting was the one on one banter that took place during the conference breaks.  The billionaire investors and other allocators made themselves available to the attendees to talk shop.  I overheard a variety of topics, deals, investments, and even employment opportunities at a top hedge fund being discussed.

Not only did the Palm Beach Global Finance Forum greatly exceed our expectations, but it was also a clear signal of our vision of Palm Beach & South Florida becoming a leading global financial hub.  I can’t wait for next year’s conference.  Hope to see you there!