New Yorkers Gearing Up To Stay Longer On Palm Beach

From Bloomberg



Blade CEO Rob Wiesenthal has a pretty good idea who’ll be on his firm’s first flights to Palm Beach this month: some well-groomed pomeranians and a poodle or two.

While commercial airlines are restricting in-cabin dog travel, Blade will welcome as many as three dogs a trip flying from Westchester. Of course, the other perk of a ticket that can cost more than $2,000 is mandatory Covid vaccinations and ample spacing for passengers.

“It’s nice to be in a place that’s in a huge upswing,” jewelry designer Mish Tworkowski said. “Seeing warehouses converted in West Palm Beach or storefronts that might have been vacant turned into something beautiful. It’s a little extra rocket fuel.”

Tworkowski has closed his New York studio on Bond Street and is putting the finishing touches on his new atelier Mish. It’s near Royal Palm Way and across the street from a new private club, the Carriage House — perhaps the place that New York Mayor Eric Adams will find his way to, on his promised visits to Florida, to lure back Manhattanites.

Meanwhile, the Esplanade is introducing Unsubscribed, a slow-fashion brand from American Eagle Outfitters, and the Hemingway-inspired restaurant Cojimar.

Alongside the infusion of commerce, it’s full-steam-ahead for the charity circuit.

The Palm Beach Symphony’s recent revenue boosts are making possible new music scholarships, and the Dec. 7 Holly Jolly luncheon sold out in August, said CEO David McClymont.

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