Ken Griffin’s Intern Pay Surges To $5000 Per Week!

A summer internship at Citadel offers perks that include a salary of up to $5,000 a week, free corporate housing in one of 10 different world financial centers like New York and an opening retreat at a Four Seasons in South Florida, according to a report.

Billionaire Ken Griffin’s hedge fund, which has some $58 billion in assets under management, picked a crop of 300 interns for their summer program this year out of a pool of more than 69,000 applicants, an acceptance rate of just 0.5%, Insider reported.

The interns hail from graduate and undergraduate STEM programs at elite colleges and universities such as MIT, UC Berkeley, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and the University of Texas at Austin.

According to Insider, the 11-week internship kicked off on Monday with a retreat at the Four Seasons in Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach.,, read the rest in NY Post