Investment Opportunities

PBHFA hosts this platform for securities issuers to introduce their private placement offerings to our accredited investor members. These members include wealthy individuals, family offices, broker-dealers, wealth managers, and institutional investors such as hedge funds, venture capital companies, and private equity firms.

Our members find this platform to be a highly efficient resource for quickly scanning the field of investment opportunities. Quality deal flow is critical to alpha creation, and our members would not normally encounter exposure to many of these opportunities. PBHFA hosts this platform as a free service to its accredited investor members.

PBHFA offers selected companies an investor awareness program that can include postings on this platform, webinars, sponsored events, group meetings, personal introductions, and written profiles of their businesses.

If your company would like to discuss this program in more detail, our contact information is listed below. PBHFA charges no success fees of any kind from the investment offerings displayed on this platform.