History Suggests To Expect Housing Boom After Crisis

From Forbes

By Joseph Young

Historical data from the late 1990s show a financial crisis is often followed with a steep increase in housing prices. If real estate grows in a similar manner as the 2000s, safe haven assets like gold and potentially Bitcoin may follow.

The housing market is projected to see a steep sell-off in the second half of 2020. The U.S., Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and other hot markets are struggling with declining demand.

Highly-populated markets like Makati, Philippines, which saw housing prices spike to record high levels in recent years, are also expected to see a 15% to 20% drop in value by the year’s end.

A research paper published by the University of Granada and Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago read:

“During the late 1990s and up to 2007 several countries experienced sharp increases in house prices. These episodes are usually mentioned among the causes of the recent world’s economic and financial turmoil. The dramatic growth in bank lending during this period has been broadly held responsible for these market dynamics.”

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