Hamptons Partygoers Cast a Worried Eye on New York’s Future

  • Paulson, Catsimatidis among those at Southampton Hospital gala
  • Party’s theme tied to Palm Beach, now home to many attending

from Bloomberg

Now, with the return to big social events, global travel and office life, the question is how much New York will recede or resurge in its historic dominance as the primary/work/school destination of the three-legged social circuit, and what the rhythms of the seasons will look like.

The answer, at least on Saturday evening, was that even those who’ve left don’t want to skip it all together.

“I talked to 22-23 people that moved to Florida,” said Howard Lorber, chairman of Douglas Elliman Realty. “Every one of them had a big apartment or a townhouse in New York — and not one of them sold. So I have a view that New York City is going to become the number one second-home market to the world.”

“I get to be a tourist,” said Simone Levinson, who has made Palm Beach her primary home and spends most of the summer in Southampton, where she has helped turn the Southampton Arts Center into a required in-town stop…

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