Founders: How To Obtain Pre-Seed Funding From Investors

Seeking investor funding from PBHFA’s investor members & network?  Remember, our diverse group of ultra-high net worth members fund multiple types of projects from tech start-ups to hedge funds.   This Crunchbase article provides an excellent starting point on how to obtain the money you need to launch.

The first and most important thing VCs assess is the founder. Founders must have a unique viewpoint on a niche area of the tech ecosystem. That could represent a wide range of ideas, industries, etc., but it must be unique, show obvious value and be an executable vision. Even if your company is nothing more than an idea and a logo, the vision must be something that’s clearly articulated.

Marc Schröder of Maschmeyer Group Ventures
Marc Schröder of Maschmeyer Group Ventures

Founders must be able to share this vision in a way that is easy to follow, makes sense and has a clear path to scaling into a real company that adds value. Even if that roadmap is many years long, founders must be able to explain where they are now, what they need to get from point A to point B and eventually to points C through Z.,,,,,

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