The Golden Era Of Medicine: Join Mira Life Science Ventures CEO

The Golden Era Of Medicine: Join Mira Life Science Ventures CEO



 The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association, a Florida trade association for financial professionals and ultra high net worth investors and IPO Edge, will host a fireside chat Thursday, February 4 at 2pm EST with Mira Life Science Ventures – A Golden Era of Medicine, Investing in Early Stage Life Science Companies. The event will last approximately one hour with time set aside for public audience Q&A.


The virtual event will feature Mira Life Science Ventures CEO Dr. Kurt Gehlsen, who will discuss how the company analyzes early, game-changing medical companies. The company isn’t currently traded publicly but qualified investors can take part by contacting the company here.  Mira Life Science Ventures is looking to raise up to $250 million.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in healthcare systems and in the pharmaceutical industry. With the technological advancements in the last 10 years, including those in computing power and artificial intelligence, a new generation of treatments will address the most pressing unmet medical needs.

Mira Life Science Ventures was established to capitalize on these breakthrough advancements and facilitate their accelerated development leading to improved patient access and helping to advance our healthcare system. Investing in life sciences can be incredibly rewarding, both financially and ethically, yet it needs deep experience and expertise.

MIRA Life Science has identified a number of potentially groundbreaking innovations at various stages of development that it could immediately deploy capital towards. It has 12-15 in the pipeline including products to target the tumor-stromal support system, infectious disease diagnostic technology, a new viral vector platform used for applications in oncology to autoimmune disease, technology to eliminate life threatening side effects of kidney dialysis, next generation urinary catheter technology, a novel drug discovery platform and a B-cell autoimmune platform.

Dr. Gehlsen will discuss:

  • How Mira Life Science Ventures’ management team has decades of experience in the worlds of science and business
  • Why family offices, hedge funds and individuals are not set-up for the detailed and rigorous diligence required to choose the best companies and technologies in the life sciences
  • How Investors interested in having a small portion of their investment portfolio in early-stage, disruptive life science technologies can leverage the Mira Team for all due diligence and selection of investments
  • What has changed in the treatment of cancer in recent years
  • What are the challenges when investing in healthcare
  • How the corporate structure of Mira allows for maximum flexibility for investments and at the same time is focused on generating significant, long-term, returns

About Dr. Gehlsen:

  • Seasoned entrepreneur in the life sciences business for over 30 years
  • Former scientist who became a CEO, worked at large Pharma, in both start-up and public companies
  • Has two approved products, a hundred patents/patent applications and more than 100 publications
  • Baccalaureate degrees in Civil Engineering and Biology from the University of Arizona, and Doctorate degrees from the University of Arizona College of Medicine


Feb 04 2021


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm