A Partnership With Open Sea Institute!!

Feb 09, 2023 (MarketWatch)PBHFA announced a strategic partnership with Open Sea Institute.

Palm Beach, Florida, United States – February 10, 2023 —

The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association (PBHFA) is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Open Sea Institute (OSI).

Led by Dr. Louis Joseph, M.D., Open Sea Institute (OSI) is a highly diverse mental wellness practice focused on improving the lives and well-being of the world’s highest achievers…

David S. Goodboy, PBHFA’s Founder, remarked, “I am thrilled to introduce OSI & Dr. Louis Joseph to our community. OSI’s mission resonates strongly with our membership of high achievers during these volatile times.”

Open Sea Institute founder Dr. Louis Joseph added,

“My Co-Founder Denise Joseph and I are genuinely excited to partner with an organization that mirrors our energy for dynamism and development. We believe that our exclusive partnership with PBHFA will not only prove a force for positivity in this elite community of finance professionals but in the many communities they influence.”…

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