PBHFA’s Founder Speaks At Alpha Hedge East

PBHFA’s Founder Speaks At Alpha Hedge East


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PBHFA’s founder Dave Goodboy joined an esteemed panel discussion at the IMN’s Alpha Hedge East conference.

The panel explored why a manager should relocate to Florida v Texas or the Carolinas.

  • Topics covered include: Tax incentives, Schools and Family, Corporate and Consumer Real Estate Market.
  • The local investor base is explored and explained.
  • Florida has great access to LATAM, Caribbean and the South East, why a manager might find this attractive.


Rainford Knight, Chief Operating Officer, FLAIA

Panel Participants:

Dave Goodboy, Founder & Managing Director, Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association

Gary Hines, Senior Vice President, Business Development Board of Palm Beach County

Shalin Madan, Managing Director, Strenta Investment Management