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The method, defined within the three assets that comprise the portfolio, encompasses a novel approach to counter the adverse effect of widespread availability of caller ID capabilities, exponentially enhancing overall campaign effectiveness (call pick up rates) which is the goal of every call center client, especially within the financial and debt collection sectors. This technology represents a relevant and highly desirable capability and service with a high perceived value within a Billion dollar sector. The opportunity is sizable, as there is an average of $160B in debt placed withing collection agencies annually, of which $60B are recovered, generating $17B in agency fees. Both clients and agencies would highly regard any technology that lets them tap into the $100B that go unrecoverable.
The method brings the fractional ownership concept to the management of caller ID numbers, just like NetJets successfully did in the aviation industry, as to provide clients with an unlimited universe of fresh and varied numbers and allow for compliant “call spoofing” or identity manipulation with an intelligent rotation rate never before offered in the industry. The selection of numbers, managed by AI and deep learning, is made using the contacts information (phones, location, place of work, etc…) with the intention of augmenting the sense of visual familiarity and induced immediate call pick up. Other valuable features are defined within the granted claims. Beta testing demonstrated a 500%+ increase in successful call picks up.
The portfolio is available for outright acquisition, with or without royalty considerations.
A summary presentation slide deck is available upon request.
Miguel A. Serrano

 Brahman Developments, LLC

 4581 Weston Rd. #180 | Weston, FL 33331
 O:954-745-4744 C:954-915-4688 







Commercial Truck and Equipment Financing

East Harbor is a commercial finance company that has been financing commercial trucks and heavy equipment for over a decade. Our operational capabilities are full service from loan origination, loan serving, recovery and remarketing. Our approach to underwriting credit exposure revolves around a repeatable process when conducting credit reviews, diversification of loan types, industries, geographies, grades and lastly expertise that has been built up over a multidecade in experienced management team.

Our loan portfolio has been able to maintain consistent profit over the past decade, returning on average 11.5% since 2005. We expect to generate near $6 million in revenue from the portfolio over the next 12 months. Our portfolio of loans is well diversified with no loan on average making up more than 1% of the overall portfolio value.

We are seeking to raise $2 million “$100,000 minimum per deal”  in a secured note at a 6.5% interest rate for a 1-year term. The note will be personal guaranteed by a guarantor/owner of the firm with a 750+ FICO score with over 10 years in business. The intended use of the funds is to further expand our loan origination operation. Thank you for your time and consideration, for further information and to discuss this opportunity you may contact us at or call us at 786-441-5994 ext 306





Amount: $ 5,000,000 Type of Investment: Equity

Background: The motion picture industry in the United States is extremely profitable and financially stable both internally and abroad due to emerging technologies and new distribution methods.

Overview: Kingston5 Productions is highly knowledgeable about the film industry and is aware of risks involved in movie making. Professional experience in business and creative affairs as well as development, production and marketing is deployed in order to manage inherent risks of film producing.

We seek investors to finance and produce independent picture films some of which are attached and back by major motion picture studios in the United States of America. Kingston5 Productions has working relationships with leading distributors in the United States and abroad in order to obtain the widest possible distribution of the film and maximise revenues.

We facilitate in the licensing the rights for theatrical exhibition, Foreign Distribution, DVD sales and rental, Pay-per-view, Television broadcasts (cable, free TV) and other ancillary markets (including licensing etc.).

Return on Investment: • Minimum Expected Projected Cumulative Return for the Investment is 170% • The Minimum Expected Projected Return is equal to the sum of the Return and the 50% share of the Net Receipts. • Investors get an early return (“first out”) on their investment with interest, provided the film in fact turns a profit. Investors also receive an additional return on the “back end” if the film becomes a box office success. please email or call Ms Traci Rhone or call +1 305 333 6769




CityVest is a Real Estate Crowdfunding company.  We provide HNW, family offices and small institutional investors with an easy and secure online marketplace of real estate investment opportunities.

CityVest is an online investment marketplace for U.S. real estate funds.  They are raising an additional $2 million of growth capital.  I would like to determine if you might be interested in investing in CityVest.

 CityVest expects continued explosive growth in real estate crowdfunding.  This is indicated by the $800 million valuation on Cadre in the recent round funded by Andreessen Horowitz and Goldman Sachs.  In addition, another similar company is currently in the market at a $60 million valuation.  Given their low valuation, they expect a 10x return on investment over the next 3-5 years. 

 CityVest Online Investment Platform

CityVest’s unique approach to “crowdfunding” provides individual investors with access to high performing institutional real estate private equity funds.  Through their feeder funds, these investors can invest $25,000 to $500,000, as compared to the typically $1 million minimum subscription amounts of institutional investment funds.  So, an individual investor can invest in a professionally managed real estate private equity fund alongside institutional investors.   CityVest is unique and the only platform of our kind.   Here is a recent article:

 Investors in Crowdfunding

Online real estate investing or crowdfunding is growing exponentially.  Other crowdfunders have raised their capital from some of the biggest names in real estate investing including: Larry Silverstein, Jared Kushner, Goldman Sachs, Peter Thiel, SLGreen, Vornado, James Ratner, Richard Lefrak, Simon Ziff, Andrew Farkas (C-III/Island) as well as many VCs firms such as Andreessen Horowitz, Canaan Partners, Menlo Ventures, Guggenheim, Y Combinator, and 500 StartUps.   Obviously, there is strong belief in the real estate crowdfunding space.  

 Current Funds on the Platform

CityVest has launched their platform with a $150 million “gap equity” real estate fund which generated a 26% IRR in its prior fund. 

 Current Investors

CityVest’s existing investors includes the former Chairman of JP Morgan Private Bank Asia, the Chairman of a NYSE company, the Chairman of a NASDAQ company and the former President of a Goldman Sachs subsidiary.

Contact: for details






 (Equity and Senior Debt)

 Overview: Primecap Funding Group has been engaged by a group of Seasoned Airline Executives to seek financing in the form of Equity and Senior Debt for a startup airline that will serve the opportunistic need to fill material gaps in international routes and services to and from major U.S. airports.  These routes are shown to be highly profitable, and although the legacy airlines have pulled back on international flights due their hub based model, many U.S. airports are now scrambling to fill gaps in their flight schedules…enter my client.

A well know International Airport has shown us extensive market research data that was performed on two of the disbanded routes.  Many businesses, regional offices and frequent travelers are joining in on the requests to the Airport Authority to rekindle these flights, for business, cargo and recreational travelers.  Substantial advertising dollars have already been allocated by the airport to market these routes and are included in the client’s agreements.

The Airline has been offered two direct flight routes, with no competition, to Johannesburg and Tokyo.  Two additional routes will be added next year, to Vancouver, BC, and to Budapest.

The team has agreed in principle to acquire four 747-400’s for a total price of $4MM, and has agreed to a power by the hour lease of 16 engines from a major aircraft engine manufacturer.

Management Team: My client is an accomplished CEO with more than 30 years of success across the aviation, automotive, manufacturing, technology and telecommunications industries.

Opportunity:                                              Transaction Type:  Equity/Debt

Target:  32% Equity / 68 Debt

Target EBITDA (year 1)- 19.87%

Target Net Income (year 1) – 10.50%


For additional information on this opportunity, please contact:




Medical Research & Development Technology Company
Revolutionary Patented Medical Device in The Field of
Regenerative Medicine (Neurosciences) Diabetic
Neuropathy, Parkinson’s, ETC. Seeking Staged Equity
Participation up to $5 Million for Commercialization.
Contact Thomas E. Burke

$50 Million Bridge Loan  Consolidation Financing

We have a request from a bridge lender in Texas seeking to consolidate several bank lines of credit for $50,000,000 to one lender.
The bridge loans are secured by single family residential properties in the Houston, Texas market. The lender has been in business
for 12 years, net assets of $24,000,000 and a current outstanding balance of approximately $40,000,000.  The loans are typically one
year or less in maturity.  The lender holds a monthly sales seminar that attracts 700-900 individuals. The principals have appeared on
Bloomberg and CNBC television as experts in their field.


We are partners in a group buying decommissioned steel mills. We have contracted to purchase a decommissioned steel mill in the greater Chicago area. This is the eighth project of this type. This project is larger than past deals therefore we are seeking financing or a joint venture partner. 
The purchase price is $18,000,000 with $2,000,000 in salvage cost for a total cost of $20,000,000. The scrap steel sells for over $33,000,000.  The land is under contract for $8,000,000. Total gross $41,000,000. The cost is $20,000,000 for a gross profit $21,000,000. 
We look for to discussing this opportunity with you. We have three similar size projects under review.

 $15 million loan for ferry service Miami – Key West


Passengers will avoid the dreaded traffic and enjoy a relaxing and comfortable ride with meal. 367 seat vessel is currently in Jacksonville to get refurbished: electronics, interior, adding WI-FI and to make sure everything mechanical is running well. Loan amount includes paying off a $1.1 million note (putting you in first position) and one-year interest reserve. Service should commence 8 to 9 months after funding. Balloon payment in 24-36 months. 

$15M in Financing to Restart Zinc Mining Operation. Micro cap public company owns idled, fully permitted zinc mine and is seeking capital for phased restart of mining operations. Revenue stream anticipated within 6 months of restart and full production anticipated within 12 months. Mine is in the Eastern US in mining friendly venue and is favorably situated regarding infrastructure, including access to international markets. Long-term undersupply of zinc bodes well for sustained mining operations in excess of the current 8.5-year mine plan. Contact:



$10M Equity to launch recurring revenue model & acquisitions to expand geographic reach.


Technology-enabled business services firm transforms the way clients including Apple, Chevron, Shell, ExxonMobil, Disney, AECOM and other world class companies manage the life cycles of their structural assets by providing intelligence that enable better decisions faster.  Barriers to entry include domain expertise delivering highly technical services, intellectual property and Master Service Agreements with Fortune 500 companies.  $10M Revenues and 13% EBITDA in 2015 are projected $48M and 28% by 2019. Contact:



Up to $30M for Tech-Driven Shrimp Farm – The company breeds, processes and sells all-natural shrimp for the U.S. domestic market in a scientifically advanced, indoor and bio-secure aquaculture facility. One facility is already producing premium larval, or baby shrimp, yielding approximately 20 times more shrimp than traditional pen and pond farms, and with a shelf life 3 times that of imported shrimp, and a second production facility is in construction. The Company has raised $16 million in equity through EB5 investors and $5 million in debt through a USDA loan, with an option to apply for an additional $15 million from the USDA. The company is seeking up to $30M to complete another six production facilities and expand its hatchery business. Contact:



$5M Equity for Social Commerce Platform to ramp-up

Currently in Beta and early revenue Zindigo’s unique business model empowers social users to become fashion entrepreneurs utilizing social platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Sellers get a 40% commission on every sale, including their own. This game-changing approach is the fashion industry’sfirst-ever social commerce solution to offer its ambassadors such a high return on every sale. Zindigo provides fashion brands the exposure of a worldwide army of sales Ambassadors, putting Zindigo on an accelerated path to profitability while incurring close to zero upfront customer acquisition costs.  Company has over 5,000 Ambassadors has been shipping orders around the world and needs additional resources to scale. Contact:





$500,000 Equity raise for US distribution rights for a major Database SaaS company

This cutting edge Brazilian Company has over 24, 000 active users.  Their clients include Itau, Santander and Caixa Economic Federal plus dozens of other major companies. The price point is less than half of SalesForce, Oracle and ZenDesk. We have been working on transposing all the fields on the site and app to English. This company has been in business for many years and grossed over $2.8mm bzl$ in 2015. Contact:


hedgefund dealflow



Managing Director, Capital Raising and Investor Relations


West Palm Beach, Florida


DRI Fund is looking for US distribution within the family office, wealth manager, UHNWI and HNWI channels. The Managing Director of Capital Raising and Investor Relations will work closely with DRI Fund senior investment professionals to lead US capital raising and investor relations within these channels.


DRI Fund’s responsibilities will include:


  • Identifying and developing relationships with family offices, wealth managers, UHNWI and HNWI within the US.
  • Leading the development of marketing and investor materials for both potential and existing investors.
  • Conducting appropriate market research on target prospects, setting up meetings and clearly communicating the firm’s strategies and differentiating factors.
  • Working with other team members to facilitate on-site due diligence meetings.
  • Initiating client relationships and managing entire process including long term relationships with investors.
  • Developing a service model and infrastructure for marketing and client service functions.




  • The ideal candidate will have 10+ years of work experience in capital raising (family offices, wealth managers, UHNWI, HNWI etc.) and business development in the US.
  • The individual must have a quantifiable track record in raising and closing successful funds with family offices, wealth managers and other private equity investors.
  • Highly commercial with proven ability to leverage personal rolodex of established and active set of relationships with family offices, wealth managers and other private equity investors.
  • Experience with organizing and front-running capital raising campaigns across entire sales cycle.
  • Superior relationship-building, communication and presentation skills and international work experience required.
  • Relationships in Palm Beach County preferred.
  • An exceedingly high energy level, independent, strong entrepreneurship, individually motivated, and a collaborative team-oriented approach to business.
  • Strong academic background, with an undergraduate degree from a top-tier institution in finance or business required. Graduate degree is strongly preferred.
  • Experience working in entrepreneurial environments a plus.




DRI Fund

625 N. Flagler Drive

STE 600

West Palm Beach, FL 33401



Boston Portfolio Advisors is seeking a Fund Accountant

Based in Ft. Lauderdale just off 95 at Cypress Creek Road

Boston Portfolio Advisors, Inc. (“BPA”) is a loan portfolio management, risk advisory and financial administrative services firm.   Our unique and challenging work environment helps our people achieve both personal and professional fulfillment.  BPA is consistently recognized as a thought leader by our clients, in part because we give our team continuous opportunities to learn, to contribute to meaningful assignments, to demonstrate leadership and to work on client engagements that are leading edge and thought provoking – helping our people enhance their careers and lives every day.

Fund Accountant Position:    The Fund Accountant will perform a variety of critical functions serving hedge fund and asset management clients.


Thomas H. Glanfield  | President & CEO | Boston Portfolio Advisors | *: |
600 Corporate Drive, Suite 502, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334 |(: 954.832.3556 |(: 917.371.7198|7: 954.938 6976





A cost-effective way to set up an investment fund!
The Comino Platform manages fund platforms domiciled in Malta. It is a part of the FMG Group, an asset manager established in 1989, operating in a multitude of exciting markets. Through the Comino Platform, the FMG Group provides External Asset Management Services to investment professionals around the globe. The multiple platforms on offer provide for the establishment of sub-funds to suit the various needs of our clients. The Comino Platform offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for launching bespoke Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) through a SICAV structure, regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). The services provide for the setup of sub-funds with a nominal amount of capital avoiding the substantial costs associated with starting and running an investment fund. Contact for details




realestate deal flow








  1. Partnership Opportunity:

Real Estate Development Funding
$100,000 raise offering a 2x return within 6-8 months

The Oak Landing project is a proposed 163 lot subdivision located near the
Delaware Beaches in Sussex County DE. The project is ideal for a 55+ community.
Preliminary Plan Approval is expected on July 26th with a Final approval in Q4

163 approved building lots $4,890,000


2. 1 Neiffer LP

Real Estate Development Funding
$265,000 raise offering a 2x return within 12-18 months

1 Neiffer Rd is a 7.55 acre mixed use land development project located on Ridge
Pike and Neiffer Rd in Limerick Township, Montgomery County, PA. The plan is
for 16 Townhome lots and 3 commercial pad sites.

16 Townhome lots Under Agreement
Lot Pad #1 $900,000
Lot Pad #2 $750,000
Lot Pad #3 $1,500,000


3. 523 GMT LP

Real Estate Development Funding
$235,000 raise offering a 2x return within 12-18 months

The 523 West Germantown Pike project is a proposed 104 bed Assisted Living
Center real estate development on a 4.05 acre parcel of land in East Norriton
Township, Montgomery County, PA. The project is contiguous with Einstein
Medical Center Montgomery and is directly across the street from the 690 acre
Norristown Farm Park.

104 bed Assisted Living Center $4,000,000





Off Market Boca Raton Estate  SOLD !!!!!

Below you will find a link to the video presentation of the 870 HAVANA DR property in Boca Ratón. For the moment is off the public market, as I’m re-positioning the offering.
This property is a special situation, renovation project opportunity. Halfway during the project, the owner’s wife closed on a bigger 23,000  sf property, and stopped construction. Partial plans attached.
This impressive waterfront estate boasts a rare 27,290 sf double point-lot with 440′ of water frontage, 250′ directly to the intracoastal with deep water. With a total of 14,000 sf of living space, this offering represents an extraordinary opportunity for investing in one of the most affluent and desirable communities in the US. The estate is ready to receive new custom interiors, allowing a new owner to create a masterpiece tailored to his/her specific lifestyle and needs; in half the time, and many millions less than comparable homes. The asking price is $6.9MM and the estimated cost to complete is $2.9MM, for a total of $9.8MM. The closest comparables would range from $12MM to $13MM+. Boca Raton airport is 2 miles away with capabilities for any size of private jet, including BBJ’s. I’m also designing and permitting a new 200′ dock to the intercaostal– a rarity of the area


Financing Available For Real Estate Projects

We are an active network of ultra high net worth individuals, funds, families and groups seeking to provide financing to alpha producing real estate projects.

A wide variety of situations from $100,000 to over $100 million needing funding will be considered.

We are not looking for pie in the sky fantasies and do not deal with broker daisy chains in any form.

If you are a principal or direct to the principal in a project that makes sense, drop us a line with exactly what you need.


$3 million Needed For Phoenix Condo Development 

We are developing 18 condos near the tram and within walking distance of the University of Arizona Medical School in downtown Phoenix.
We are seeking $3,000,000 to build the units with a 15% annual return and 18 months term.

$1.5 million Convertible Note Financing for Real Estate Investment Platform

CityVest is an online marketplace for commercial real estate investments.  The $20 billion market is exploding with investments from Larry Silverstein, James Ratner, Jared Kushner, Andrew Farkas, SLGreen and Vornado.   CityVest solves two big problems:  real estate deal sponsors have a difficult time raising equity capital for their deals and individual investors have no idea how to source and evaluate real estate investments. CityVest provides the solution with its efficient online real estate marketplace, enabling investors to easily browse and invest in high-quality deals. Our financing round is more than half closed with investments from several chairman of public companies and an investor from Goldman Sachs.  Our competitors have bolted to $300 million plus valuations and we have the opportunity to be a significant player in the industry.


$725,000 Equity raise for residential land development

This land development opportunity consists of 100+ residential single family home building lots in a rapidly growing area in the state of Delaware. Upon completion of the land development approvals the project will be sold to a national builder for the construction of the homes. Developer has successfully approved and sold over 1,200 building lots and an 18 hole golf course in this section of Delaware.



Financing Available For Real Estate Projects

We are an active network of ultra high net worth individuals, funds, families and groups seeking to provide financing to alpha producing real estate projects.

A wide variety of situations from $500,000 to over $100 million needing funding will be considered.

We are not looking for pie in the sky fantasies and do not deal with broker daisy chains in any form.

If you are a principal or direct to the principal in a project that makes sense, drop us a line with exactly what you need.

Contact: dave at